Jonathan Swardstrom

Jonathan Swardstrom

Riley kid Jonathan Swardstrom finds hope and healing a world away.

Ethan Tatlock
April 25, 2017
Lafayette, Indiana

When he was born, it was clear that Ethan Tatlock had his dad’s...

Riann Collier
April 25, 2017
Indianapolis, Indiana

Twelve-year-old Riann Collier from Indianapolis loves playing air...

Kaylie, Landon and Hudson Phillips
April 25, 2017
Cedar Lake, Indiana

For years, Holly Phillips from Cedar Lake, Ind., had the feeling...

Monroe Lindblom
April 4, 2017
Zionsville, Indiana

A health crisis brings a ballplayer and his family back home to...

Blaine Hawkins
March 30, 2017
Mt. Carmel, Illinois

The numbers are mind-boggling: One stem cell transplant; six...

Mason Metzger
November 16, 2016
Silver Lake, Indiana

Mason Metzger of Silver Lake, Ind., says that at first glance some...

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