Lyla DeArmond

Riley  Pediatric  Surgeon Troy Markel, M.D., removed life-threatening cysts from Lyla’s right lung just days after she was born. Strong-willed from the very beginning, Lyla had her own timetable in mind for weaning off oxygen and gaining enough weight to be able to go home, according to her parents Ryan and Amy DeArmond. “Even the nurses would say, ‘Well, this is our plan for the day, but it’s Lyla, so who knows,’” Amy said. After 74 days at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health, Lyla went home just in time for Thanksgiving. Now one year old, Lyla loves playing with her older brother Daniel (and his toys!), scooting around the house and watching Minnie Mouse and Daniel Tiger. “Lyla has a smile that lights up a room,” Amy said. “I hope she keeps her strong-willed personality and shows the world what she can do.”  

Lyla’s family is filled with gratitude, and eager to share their appreciation for Riley with others. “I have trouble finding the words to describe how wonderful a place Riley is,” said Amy. “The people you meet, the community you become a part of…it’s hard to explain just how much they cared for Lyla and for us.”

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